Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3D Solar Panel

In this project, my group and I assembled a solar kit. We connected wires with gray pieces that acted as screws. We inserted the lights through the two holes in the box. Lastly, we put all the wires in the box and slid the solar panel on top if the box to contain everything inside.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3D CMC Speaker Design

CMC Speaker

     The design of the CMC Speaker came from a Youtube video. The design was made for holding your phone/device and amplifying music by playing it in a tube. The music wan't amplified enough so we added cones where the music would come out. The music now comes out louder and we added a hole underneath the slot for your device. The hole will make it easy for the device to charge while it is in the stand and playing music. There are similar designs to ours, but ours has cones and a hole. Our design charges the device, holds the device, and plays music from the device, all in one!1

     My group and I engineered our design in Tinkercad. We started out with a horizontal and solid tube. We hollowed the tube out and added cones to the ends of the tube. We hollowed the cones out too. We measured the bottom of a phone and added a hollow rectangular shape to the top of the tube. We then added a smaller square shaped hole underneath the hole on the top. To stable the design, we added one block on each side of the charging hole.

     Charlotte, Colm, and I ran into many problems during this problem. The horizontal version was too long so we had to shorten it and print it vertically. We finally printed the design and there were many problems. The cones weren't the same size and the blocks weren't either. The charging hole and the hole that you put your device in was too big. We went back to Tinkercad and made it again, solving the problems that we first had. We didn't end up printing our final design but I learned so much in this project.